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In the metropolitan area of Sydney, the suburb known as Woodcroft may be found in the state of New South Wales in Australia. 42 kilometres to the west of the Sydney Central Business District lies the Greater Western Sydney neighbourhood of Woodcroft, which is located within the City of Blacktown’s administrative boundaries. Woodcroft is a part of the Greater Western Sydney region.
Between the years 1969 and 1988, Woodcroft served as the State Brickworks in Doonside. (and up until the year 1969, it served as the site of the State Timberworks). In 1989, LJ Hooker, who was both a real estate broker and a developer, purchased the site. Construction of residential properties following the rezoning began in 1992, and Woodcroft was formally acknowledged as a suburb in the year 1996.
A modestly sized independent shopping centre can be found on Richmond Road. A number of conveniences, including gas stations, grocery stores, medical offices, and a diverse selection of quick-service restaurants, both privately owned and franchised, may be found there.
There are not a lot of amenities, such as play areas for children, rooms for parents, or restrooms that are accessible to those with disabilities.

According to the Blacktown Social Plan, households in Woodcroft are significantly more likely to own one car than is typical for both the city of Blacktown and the larger Sydney metropolitan area as a whole. This is the case even though the city of Blacktown and the larger Sydney metropolitan area are both significantly larger. On the other hand, they have a significantly lower likelihood than the average person of owning two or more cars. This provides us with some insight into the characteristics of the people who live in the area as well as the means of mobility that are available.
Blacktown, Doonside, and Quakers Hill are the only three train stations in the area that can be reached by using public transportation. The majority of households only have room for one car.
There are two roads that can be taken to get from Woodcroft to the M7 highway; these are the Richmond Road and the Quakers Hill Parkway. Since it first opened in December 2005, this has made it much easier to go to Liverpool, the Hills District, and the highways M2 and M4.

There are no flats in the area, and only 19.0% of the homes are townhouses, semi-detached homes, or other similar types of housing. The most common type of property in the area is a free standing single home. The contemporary homes in the neighbourhood with their low population density are a good indicator of the area’s standard of living.

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