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Warrimoo Taxi Maxi, Warrimoo, which used to be called Karabah, is a medium-sized town in the lower Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. It is 273 metres above sea level. Blue Mountains is the electorate for the state government, and Trisha Lee Doyle, who works for Labor, is the state representative.
Susan Templeman of Labor is the person who represents the Macquarie electorate at the federal level. Warrimoo is 75 km west of Sydney. It is in the local government area of the City of Blue Mountains. Mark Greenhill, a member of the Labor Party, is the mayor of the local council. The cities and suburbs of Blaxland, Mount Riverview, Sun Valley, and Valley Heights are close to Warrimoo. Five train stops separate the neighbourhood from Penrith, and eleven train stops separate it from Katoomba.
The Warrimoo train station is on the Blue Mountains Line, which is part of the NSW TrainLink network between cities. There are also bus routes to Warrimoo from Uber and Blue Mountains Transit. The first Warrimoo station opened in 1918. In the 1950s, a fire burned it down, and it was then rebuilt. The NSW Liberal government’s plan to buy new trains made in South Korea has caused a lot of debate about Warrimoo’s train station, which may need to be fixed up to handle trains that are up to 205 metres long. Also, the railroad tracks may need to be changed. The Western Sydney Airport is expected to open in 2026, and trains will be able to get there from Parramatta.
The Florabella Pass Track is a popular and beautiful nature walk that goes from Warrimoo to Blaxland. It goes through a lot of plants, waterways, and species that aren’t found anywhere else. The bush walk leads to a dense jungle full of rare species like Lyrebirds, Flame Robins, Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, Gang Gang Cockatoos, and Owls. The section of the trail through Pippas Pass is known for its shelter caves and colourful plants, such as flannel flowers, Waratah plants, and pink angophoras. Less than 9 kilometres separate them, but the terrain is hard. There are many more trails for bushwalking. Because koalas are an endangered species, the Wilderness Society and other environmental groups want people to report seeing them.
Aboriginal people came up with the word “Warrimoo,” which means “eagle’s nest” or “place where the white bird shrieks.”

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In the area, in 1898, a train station platform called Karabah (Armenian for “great garden”) was built to serve a growing estate, presumably also called Karabah. Before World War I, it stopped running, but in 1918, a new station called Warrimoo was built not too far down the Blue Mountains line. Warrimoo was made by Arthur Rickard, an entrepreneur and software developer. In order to encourage people to live in a sustainable way, he planned to divide blocks so that there would be a mix of small and larger blocks. Rickard told the people who lived on the Warrimoo Estate that they should grow fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and chickens. Around the village of Warrimoo, there are still many old homes and buildings, such as a distillery (which is now the local public school) and a “Bordillo.” George Ardill lived in Warrimoo in his later years. He worked for charities and sang gospel music. 13 Florabella Road was his address. During his time there, Ardill built several homes on Florabella Street and The Avenue for homeless women and children.

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