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The Sydney suburb of Stanhope Gardens is situated in the Australian state of New South Wales. Stanhope Gardens is located in the local government area of City of Blacktown, 39 kilometres northwest of Sydney’s financial district. The Greater Western Sydney region contains Stanhope Gardens.
John Hillas (1768–1837) arrived in Australia in 1801 and was granted two land grants on the Windsor Road in 1801 and 1804. He named the second of these 150-acre parcels the name Stanhope Farm. He opened the Stanhope Arms on Windsor Road in order to facilitate traffic between Macquarie Towns and Parramatta.
By 1856, the Pearce family had owned Stanhope Farm. In 1928, Jack Peel purchased Stanhope Farm and renamed it Stanhope Park Dairy.
In 1973, the New South Wales Housing Commission compelled the reopening of Stanhope Park Dairy.
These historic properties are reflected in the name of the neighbourhood. Stanhope Gardens Estate, which opened in 1995, acquired suburban classification in 1996.
Stanhope Gardens was originally established under the names Irish Town, Kellyville, and Parklea prior to its current name. The majority of petition signers who urged that Stanhope Gardens stay in place of Stanhope did so.
Newbury Estate, a master-planned community, currently occupies a significant chunk of the Stanhope Gardens neighbourhood. Newbury Estate was awarded the Royal Australian Planning Institute’s 1999 Award for Excellence in Plan Making – Urban Planning. Landcom conceived of the Newbury Estate.

Hillsbus and Busways operate public transit on behalf of Transport for New South Wales.
Services are accessible from the Sydney central business area, Parramatta, Rouse Hill, Blacktown, Castle Hill, Pennant Hills, and Epping.
Riley Station on the Hill–Parramatta segment of the North-West T-Route and Stanhope Station on its Blacktown–Parklea branch service the area.
Frequent service is provided to Chatswood, Castle Hill, Macquarie Park, and Norwest Business Park through the Sydney Metro Northwest. Kellyville is the station closest to Stanhope Gardens.
Kellyville station is accessible from Stanhope Gardens by Hillsbus lines 603 and 632, Busways route 735, and Bella Vista station via Busways route 745. Moreover, Rouse Hill station is accessible through Busways route 731 and Hillsbus route 666.
Beginning on July 28, the following eastbound trains will stop at Stanhope Gardens: trains from Riley T.
665 to Parramatta via T-way; 651 to Epping via Kellyville, Castle Hill, and Cherrybrook (Hillsbus). (Hillsbus)
• T-way route 735 leading to Blacktown (Busways) T-way departing from Stanhope
• T-way route 735 from Stanhope Village to Blacktown (Busways)
• Route 616X, which connects Glenwood and the M2 to the Sydney central business district. (Hillsbus) Bella Vista is accessible via Route 745 via Glenwood, New South Wales. (Busways) Route 734 to Blacktown via T-way (Busways) Route 731 to Blacktown via Acacia Gardens and T-way (Hillsbus) Parramatta via Route 663 through Glenwood and T-way (Hillsbus)
From Perfection Avenue, Route 603 travels to Parramatta via Kellyville Station, Glenhaven, Castle Hill, and Baulkham Hills (Hillsbus)
• Kellyville Station and Norwest Station are along the route to Pennant Hills along Route 632 (Hillsbus)
Rouse Hill Town Centre may be accessed via Routes 651 and 665 (Hillsbus) when travelling westbound from Riley T. (Hillsbus)
• Take Route 735 from the Stanhope T-way to Rouse Hill and Riverstone (Busways).
• Take Route 735 from Stanhope Village to Rouse Hill and Riverstone (Busways).
The Kellyville Ridge community is served by Route 616X. (Hillsbus)
Route 731 leads to Rouse Hill station (Busways); Route 663 leads to Rouse Hill Town Centre through Kellyville Ridge; and Route 745 leads to St. Marys via Quakers Hill (Busways)
Choose one of the following paths from Perfection Avenue: Route 734 to Riverstone through The Ponds (Busways); Route 603 to Rouse Hill Town Centre via Kellyville Ridge (Hillsbus); Route 632 to Rouse Hill Town Center via Kellyville Ridge (Hillsbus)

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