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Shanes Park is located in the city of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Shanes Park is situated 50 kilometres west of Sydney’s central business district inside the City of Blacktown local government area and Greater Western Sydney region.

In 1960, the Commonwealth of Australia purchased the eastern portion of Shane’s Park to make place for an aviation navigational station. This structure has left an extensive historical footprint. Due to the tiny amount of land required, the majority of the bushland on the site was conserved, while other areas underwent natural regeneration. Currently, one of the largest surviving forests of the Cumberland Plain is found on the 560 site called as “Shane’s Park” (western Sydney).
The Shane’s Park woodland has a range of fragile, endangered, and severely endangered flora, fauna, and ecological groupings and may be the only unaltered remnant of the once-extensive vegetation that formerly covered western Sydney. The location is renowned for its woodland bird population, which includes the speckled warbler. Access to the website is restricted to members only.

The existing owners of the land, Air Services Australia (a federal government agency), consider it surplus to their needs and wish to transfer it to the government of New South Wales for use as a public reserve. In accordance with the Deed of Agreement for Transfer, the NSW government must proclaim the property a regional park. Several local organisations are in disagreement on this requirement. According to section 30 H of the National Parks & Wildlife Act, the main purpose of a regional park is recreation, which does not require management for wildlife conservation.
If the deed is signed, the property will likely be united with the nearby (under construction) Wianamatta Regional Park. Those who opposed the regional park designation for Shane’s Park were also opposed to the Wianamatta Regional Park ideas, which include commercial recreation alternatives, fencing, and the killing of native wildlife populations for public safety.

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