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Schofields is a developing community on the outskirts of Sydney’s urban sprawl in the Australian state of New South Wales. Schofields is located in the Blacktown local government area, 45 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district. It is part of the North West Growth Area of Greater Western Sydney.
John Schofield (1803–1844) was banished from England to the colony of New South Wales at the age of 17 for larceny. He was a silk weaver from Cheshire during the time.
In 1821, he arrived on the HMS Minerva, and Thomas Harley, a free settler, employed him to labour on his Baulkham Hills farm. Schofield was granted a Ticket of Leave in 1828, permitting him to reside at will in the Parramatta area. In 1829, he married Bridget Harley, the daughter of his former boss. Then, Schofield leased Gillingham Farm, located near Eastern Creek.
Three daughters and five sons were born to the Schofield family. In 1841, Schofield purchased three 0.25-acre (0.10-hectare) parcels of land along the Windsor Road. Schofield went bankrupt in 1843 due to falling wool prices and a broader economic downturn in the province. A few years later, Schofield was able to purchase 600 acres (240 hectares) of property in the vicinity of what is now Schofields thanks to brand-new government incentives. In 1849, William and Samuel Schofield, two of their father’s sons, journeyed to California in pursuit of gold. In 1850, he returned with riches, but the Rosetta Joseph ran aground and sank. The passengers were rescued after 10 days at Port Macquarie while on lifeboats in extremely rough waves. Schofield and his sons were able to clear the majority of their expenses upon returning to their property since they had sufficient gold. Bridget Schofield died right before Christmas in 1851. Schofield was able to pay off his mortgage and pursue his passion for horseracing when gold was discovered in New South Wales and the economy improved.
In 1864, the railway line from Blacktown to Windsor was constructed, passing across Schofield’s land. On Schofield’s property, a stopping place was selected in 1872, and a modest platform built of railroad sleepers was soon constructed to make boarding the train safer. The name of this stepping stone was Schofield’s Siding. After a couple of years, Schofields acquired the name.
Later in life, Schofield constructed a sawmill close to a railroad track and supplied households with wood from his Schofields paddocks. John Schofield perished in 1884.
The Schofields train station is located on the Richmond branch of the T1 North Shore, Northern & Western Line, and T5 Cumberland Line operated by Sydney Trains.
The Westlink M7 and M2 Hills Motorway allows for convenient access to the roadways from the south and east.
Busways provides commuter bus service to and from the neighbourhood.

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