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Quakers Hill, a neighbourhood in Sydney, is located in New South Wales, Australia. It is situated in the City of Blacktown local government area, 40 kilometres west of Sydney’s central business district. Greater Western Sydney incorporates Quakers Hill. Quakers Hill is commonly known as ‘Quakers’.
Busways provides numerous bus services in addition to train service to and from Quakers Hill. Quakers Hill station is on the Richmond branch of Sydney Trains’ North Shore & Western Line. At Tallawong, Rouse Hill, and Bella Vista, bus routes connect with the Sydney Metro system.
In recent years, considerable road improvements have been made in Quakers Hill, including the establishment of a new roadway that bypasses the town centre and leads directly to the school district. The Westlink M7, which connects the neighbourhood to all major exits and entrances to greater Sydney, opened in December 2005. Since its completion, the Quakers Hill Parkway’s overpass has been expanded from two to four lanes, including the bridge over the railroad, boosting the flow of toll-free traffic between Richmond and Sunnyhollow Roads.
Originally, the word “Quaker” appeared on a map of New South Wales for “Quaker’s Row,” now known as Church Street in Parramatta. In November 1788, Governor Phillip established a second settlement at Rose Hill, which was named Parramatta in June 1791. In July 1790, he presented his concept for the town, which included High Street (now George) as its principal thoroughfare and a second road beginning on the south side of the river, where he envisioned a town square with a government building and an expanded port. He designated it as Quaker Row.
Alan Sharpe does not cite the historical town plan from July 1790 on page 84 of his book “Pictorial History Blacktown and District” (linked below).
Rev. Samuel Marsden’s creation of conformist religious services accelerated the growth of Parramatta. The inhabitants of The Quaker’s Row were transported to The Quaker’s Hills, where they established new lives. It is reported that they were responsible for burying the revolt and rebellion victims of 1804 in plain graves marked by cairns in the fields, paddocks, and creeks. James Meehan, a government surveyor, gave Quakers Hill its name in an 1806 study he wrote about the region. The name’s origin is uncertain, and it does not appear again until more than sixty years, when Thomas Harvey applied it to what is now the western portion of Quakers Hill. After its erection in 1872, the railroad station was known as Douglas’ Siding for more than three decades. The name was altered in 1904 when Harvey’s Quakers Hill property was subdivided. The railroad station was renamed Quakers Hill in 1905 because the residents of the newly founded hamlet preferred it. In 1915, the first post office was erected, and postal services began in 1907. In 1911, a school was founded in the Presbyterian church hall in what is now Marayong, and in 1912, the first pupils enrolled at Quakers Hill Public School. As the neighborhood’s population rose dramatically in the 1920s, the Empire Theatre opened in 1925 and began screening films and hosting dances. The neighbourhood became a hub for the nearby farmers.
In the 1960s, when Sydney’s suburbia began to encroach upon the Quakers Hill region, the five-acre farms around the hamlet began to be subdivided. In 1994, the HMAS Nirimba naval training facility on the western fringe of the neighbourhood was decommissioned and converted into an educational district. Acacia Gardens, a brand-new development northeast of Quakers Hill, was transformed into a new neighbourhood in 1996.

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