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Mulgoa Taxi Maxi, Located in the western Sydney region of the Australian state of New South Wales, Mulgoa is a small town within the City of Penrith. Mulgoa is located around 66 km west of Sydney’s central business district.
5 miles (8.0 km) south of Penrith’s Regentville and Glenmore Park neighbourhoods is where Mulgoa may be found.
Indigenous Peoples’ customs
The town’s name was inspired by the Dharug-speaking Mulgoa, who were the region’s first settlers. It’s said that the name was inspired by a black swan. It’s not like there were only Mulgoa residing there. They shared a border with the Gandangara of the Southern Highlands, whose realm comprised the Blue Mountains, in the Mulgoa Valley. They maintained control over their hunter-gatherer mode of life by adhering to customary laws that had their roots in the Dreamtime. They lived in “gunyahs,” or bark huts, which were the norm for them. They hunted kangaroos and emus for food and gathered yams, berries, and other tubers since they largely lived off of the natural vegetation and wildlife.
habitation in Europe
There were several severe skirmishes between British settlers and the local indigenous people in this region, despite the fact that it is thought that the Mulgoa people were normally peaceful and that the majority of conflicts were with the Gandangara when the First Fleet arrived in Sydney. The earliest government land grant in the region was given to Edward Cox in 1810; he was four years old and the son of Captain William Cox, who in 1814 built a well-known route across the Blue Mountains. William Cox had The Cottage built there as early as 1811. The much larger Fernhill mansion and its surrounding gardens were completed in the 1840s and are now a part of a heritage-listed property. Cox’s friend Sir John Jamison constructed Regentville House, the colony’s most opulent residence, on a bluff above the Nepean River in 1824. The Norton family got three significant property concessions on the Nepean at Mulgoa in 1821, including James Norton (who founded the first law practise in Sydney), his parents, and brother Nathaniel.

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During the colonial era, St. Thomas’ Anglican Church served as the centre of Mulgoa’s religious life. It was founded in 1838. This first public building in the Mulgoa Valley, constructed of sandstone and cedar on land granted by the Cox family, was sponsored by Sir John Jamison. The Reverend Thomas Cooper Makinson served as St. Thomas’ first rector. Mulgoa’s first school was housed in the church and served the local population from 1871 to 1872.
After Mulgoa attained a necessary number of citizens, it was recognised as a municipality in 1893. Its domain covered a broader area than what modern suburbs now embrace. However, as a result of council rationalisations in 1949, the region was combined with Penrith, St. Marys, and Castlereagh to create the larger Penrith Municipality. Mulgoa is still primarily a rural area in the current day.
On September 1, 1863, the Mulgoa Post Office started accepting mail.

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