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Manly Taxi Maxi, Manly is a beachside neighbourhood of northern Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. It is one of the three administrative offices of the Northern Beaches Council local government region and is located 17 kilometres north-east of Sydney’s central business district. Due to its picturesque location on the Pacific Ocean and easy ferry access, Manly has a long-standing reputation as a popular tourist destination.
Captain Arthur Phillip named Manly after the native inhabitants of the area, claiming their “courage and manliness” as the rationale for the naming. These men belonged to the Kay-ye-my clan (of the Guringai people). Phillip encountered members of the clan when scouting for fresh water in the region; following a misunderstanding, he was speared in the shoulder by a member of the tribe; to his lasting credit, the foresighted Phillip instructed his soldiers not to retaliate. Captain Nepean, Mr. White, Nanbaree, and a group of men who had travelled to Manly Cove to trek to Broken Bay witnessed the Aboriginal men devouring a whale at Manly Cove. They were addressed by Bennelong and Colebee, with Bennelong seeking to speak with Governor Phillip. Captain Nepean returned the Boatswain to Governor Phillip at South Head. The Aboriginal men cut off big portions of whale and deposited them on the boat of Governor Phillip. The military contingent then headed towards Broken Bay on foot. When the entourage of Governor Phillips arrived to visit the Aboriginal men, they engaged Bennelong and Colebee in nearly a quarter-hour of friendly conversation. An older Aboriginal man holding a spear arrived later. He appeared to be an outsider and knew little about Bennelong and Colebee, according to Captain Tench. The Governor approached this man, who responded with anger. Governor Phillip threw down his dirk in an effort to calm down the confidently shouting guy. The spear was launched, striking the shoulder of Governor Phillip. There were calls for muskets, Bennelong and Colebee disappeared, and Governor Phillip was unable to reach the ship because of the length of the spear extending from his shoulder and dragging on the ground. Only one of the muskets brought ashore was functional. The spear was finally broken, and everyone rushed to Port Jackson.

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