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Liverpool Taxi Maxi, The suburb of Liverpool, which is part of Greater Western Sydney, is located in the Australian state of New South Wales.It is located 27 km south-west of Sydney’s central business district. The city of Liverpool, located in the Cumberland Plain, acts as the administrative hub of the local government area that comprises the City of Liverpool.

Lachlan Macquarie, the Governor of New South Wales, founded Liverpool as an agricultural centre on November 7, 1810. This makes Liverpool one of Australia’s oldest urban towns. Because he was the Secretary of State for the Colonies at the time, he named it after himself as Robert Banks Jenkinson, Earl of Liverpool. Additionally, he called it after the city of Liverpool, which inspired some of the architecture in this area.

Liverpool grew into a key agricultural and transportation centre due to its strategic location at the beginning of the navigable stretch of the Georges River and the late 1850s advent of the Great Southern Railway, which connected Sydney and Melbourne. The region was renowned for its great agricultural output.

[source: citation insufficient] Liverpool was considered a satellite town until the 1950s, and its economy was mostly dependent on agriculture, particularly chicken farming and market gardening. [source: citation insufficient] Liverpool, on the other hand, was swiftly engulfed by the urban sprawl of Sydney as it grew across the Cumberland Plain, and it evolved into an outer suburb of metropolitan Sydney with a substantial working-class population and manufacturing facilities. In the 1960s, with the implementation of slum clearance and urban renewal programmes in inner-city Sydney, the Liverpool neighbourhood became renowned for its huge Housing Commission estates, which housed thousands of low-income families. These communities were constructed to replace slums.

Currently, Liverpool is the most significant urban centre in the southwest region of Sydney. The layout of the central business centre resembles that of Melbourne, with numerous tiny lanes and arcades organised in a Hoddle Grid. Macquarie Street, the main thoroughfare, is home to a large variety of cosy eateries. Due to the recent growth of the Westfield shopping centre, a large number of new clothes businesses have emerged in recent years. It will be centred around the Western Sydney Airport and an aerotropolis and is being marketed as Sydney’s Third Central Business District. The Central Business District’s zoning was converted from single-family residential to mixed-use in 2018, allowing for the building of more houses, offices, and retail outlets.

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The enormous Westfield Liverpool shopping facility is located at the northern end of Macquarie Street, which acts as the epicentre of the city’s principal shopping sector. Liverpool Plaza is positioned at the intersection of Macquarie Mall and Northumberland Street. In the northern section of the city, the construction of apartments with a high population density is permitted. The southern half of the city has been designated for high density commercial development. Liverpool is home to a large academic medical centre and two vocational institutions, in addition to its numerous shopping complexes and office buildings. Healthscope, a private hospital management firm, owns and operates the Sydney Southwest Private Hospital in Liverpool.

Liverpool is easily accessible via highways and motorways including the Hume Highway (commonly known as Liverpool Road), the M5 and M7 motorways, and the Westlink M7 motorway.

From the Liverpool train station, one can travel to the Sydney Central Business District, Leppington, Parramatta, and Schofields. The transitway from Liverpool to Parramatta has a lane allocated entirely for bus traffic.

Visit the Liverpool train station for information on intercity and local bus services.

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