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In the Australian state of New South Wales, the locality known as Lane Cove is a suburb located on the Lower North Shore of the city of Sydney. Lane Cove is located nine kilometres to the north-west of the central business district of Sydney and serves as the administrative centre for the local government area that is governed by the Lane Cove Council. Schools, stores, cafes, restaurants, medical and dental services, recreational facilities, and public transportation are all easily accessible from this location. The neighbourhoods of Lane Cove West and Lane Cove North are each their own distinct suburb.
At the mouth of the Lane Cove River, on a peninsula that is located on the northern shore of Port Jackson (also known as Sydney Harbour), is where you’ll find the neighbourhood of Lane Cove. It is situated in close proximity to the Lower North Shore communities of Riverview, Longueville, Willoughby, and Artarmon. A distance of three kilometres separates you from Chatswood, which serves as the administrative and shopping centre for the surrounding region.
The name “Lane Cove” could have come from a variety of different places, as there are several possible explanations for its origin. Lieutenant William Bradley, who had just finished sailing along the river in 1788, is credited with being the first person to write down the name of the waterway. Some people believe that it was given this name in honour of Lieutenant Michael Lane, a renowned cartographer who had previously collaborated with Captain Cook. Some people believe that the name was chosen in honour of John Lane, who was the son of the London Lord Mayor at the time and was also a close friend of the first Governor, Arthur Phillip. In any case, the name persisted, and by the 1800s, it was being used to refer to all of the territory that was located north of the river.
Even though it has some residential, commercial, and industrial uses, Lane Cove is primarily known for its waterfront real estate.
At the eastern terminus of Burns Bay Road, close to where it intersects with Longueville Road, there is a shopping centre that includes a pedestrian plaza in the suburb of Lane Cove. In addition to a significant number of restaurants and cafés, this area is home to a number of other businesses, including a pub, a Coles supermarket, a Woolworths supermarket, a number of smaller speciality stores, and a number of specialty shops. The Lane Cove Businessman’s Club is the sole neighbourhood club in the immediate vicinity, and it can be found at the very end of Longueville Road.

The Australian headquarters of statistical software company SAS is located in Lane Cove, as is the recording house for Warner Bros., Festival Mushroom Records, and Bluescope Steels Marketing branch in Lane Cove West. Lane Cove is also home to a number of other large businesses, such as the recording house for Festival Mushroom Records.
At Lane Cove, the Gore Hill Freeway, which brings traffic from the city, the airport, and the southern suburbs, connects to two major roads: the Pacific Highway, which travels north, and Epping Road, which travels north-west. Both of these roads are considered to be arterial roads. The congestion that occurred at these crossroads was a major factor in the decision to build the Lane Cove Tunnel, which connects the Gore Hill Expressway and the M2 in a direct route. It is now possible for motorists to drive from the Baulkham Hills Shire all the way to the airport without being required to go through a single set of a set of traffic lights (although there are tolls to pay in each direction). Since the Mowbray Road and Lane Cove Tunnel opened for business, two lanes of Epping Road have been eliminated between these two intersections Additionally, the left lane in each direction has become a bus lane. This has reduced Epping Road in some sections to only one lane in each direction for general traffic, which has led to an increase in congestion. During rush hour, it may take a car driver anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes to enter or exit Lane Cove.
In the late 1950s, one of the northern tram lines in Sydney was discontinued, and its last stop was at the Lane Cove terminal. Trams could be taken from Crows Nest all the way to Wynyard in the city and Balmoral. The current route of the 254 bus follows the city route for the most part, travelling from Longueville Road to Wynyard by way of Crows Nest and North Sydney. The old Balmoral route was followed by a significant portion of the Manly to Epping bus route number 140, which is no longer in operation. During the construction of the Lane Cove tunnel, a brand new major bus interchange was built at the intersection of Epping Road and Longueville Road. It was opened in March 2008, and since then, approximately 25 different bus routes, including school routes, have been operating from this location. This provides connections to north-west Sydney with services operated by HillsBus to Castle Hill and Rouse Hill, as well as publicly operated services to Chatswood, Epping, North Sydney, Macquarie Park/Centre, Gladesville, and Drummoyne. HillsBus services are provided to Castle Hill and Rouse Hill. During the morning peak, City (QVB) Express services see a very high volume of customers.
From the Pacific Highway to the Lane Cove River, a bicycle path has been built that runs along the southern edge of Epping Road. Connecting riders to the Gore Hill Freeway Cyclepath is the purpose of this path. Bicyclists are able to travel to Chatswood, North Sydney, Willoughby, and the Macquarie Park area thanks to the connection of various cyclepaths.
Both the Longueville Wharf and the Greenwich Wharf play host to a ferry service that operates somewhere along the length of the Lane Cove River.
Train stations can be found approximately three kilometres away in Chatswood and Artarmon respectively. It should not come as a surprise that the census of 2001 found that only 4.1% of the population commuted solely by train to their place of employment. Other modes of transportation include walking or cycling (5.9%), taking the bus only (14.3%), taking the train and bus (1.7%), and driving one’s own vehicle (71.0%).

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