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Frenchs Forest Taxi Maxi, Frenchs Forest is located in the northern portion of Sydney, in the Australian state of New South Wales. The Northern Beaches Council manages Frenchs Forest, which is located 13 kilometres north of Sydney’s central business district. The Forest District is referred to by residents as “The Forest.” Frenchs Forest is part of Sydney’s Northern Beaches’ Forest District.
The neighbourhood is in the midst of being rezoned, resulting in the construction of a new hospital, town centre, newly relocated high school, 2,200 new residences, and a $500,000 investment in the rehabilitation of the roadways surrounding the new Northern Beaches Hospital.
The estimated completion date for the rezoning is 2018, coinciding with the opening of the new hospital.
Frenchs Forest is located in close proximity to Garigal National Park. It is dispersed among ridgelines and bordered by indigenous forest. It is elevated (about 156 metres above sea level) and typically receives more rainfall than the rest of Sydney. Sydney’s usual temperature extremes are mitigated by the Pacific Ocean, which can be seen in the distance from the city’s eastern portions, which are located three kilometres away. Garigal National Park is teeming with native animals, including birds, turtles, wallabies, lizards, and snakes. Other examples of bush tracks include the bluff track and the natural bridge track.
A few weeks after the establishment of a permanent settlement at Sydney Cove in 1788, European explorers made their way to the Warringah region. During his journeys throughout the region, Governor Phillip noted the geography, flora, and animals, as well as examined the natives’ way of life and culture. Even though the highest point of Beacon Hill is marked as the “Arthur Phillip lookout,” some historians believe that Phillip’s journeys really brought him past Bantry Bay and up into Frenchs Forest in order to acquire better views of the surrounding area.
Simeon Henry Pearce (1821–1886) and his brother James purchased 200 acres of land in this neighbourhood in 1853. After James French, a police officer, purchased the land, it eventually became known as Rodborough. French was also responsible for developing the property that would later become the neighbouring community of Forestville. Despite its proximity to Sydney, Frenchs Forest retained a predominantly agricultural character throughout the entire nineteenth century.

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