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Fairlight Taxi Maxi, Fairlight, located in the Australian state of New South Wales, is considered a northern suburb of Sydney. Fairlight is a Sydney suburb located 13 kilometres north-northeast of the Sydney central business area.

It is part of the Northern Beaches region and falls under the Northern Beaches Council’s jurisdiction.Fairlight is situated on both sides of Sydney Road, between Balgowlah and Manly. The suburb stretches beyond Balgowlah Road to the north, and Hill Street serves as its western boundary.

Henry Gilbert Smith (1802-1886) built the home known as Fairlight House on land he purchased in 1853 from John Parker, who had been granted a land grant in 1837. Parker sold the land to Smith. 

The community of Fairlight, East Sussex, which is located in Hastings, on the southern coast of England, inspired the name of this house. Historically, the only portion of the neighbourhood referred to as Fairlight was the area near the beach where the Fairlight House once stood. Formerly known as Red Hill, the neighbourhood at the top of the hill no longer bears that name. Prior to World War II, the surface of Sydney Road was composed of red gravel. Griffiths Street is the location of the Fairlight cemetery. The Manly Fire Station is located on Sydney Road in the Fairlight neighbourhood.
Fairlight Beach is located on Sydney Harbour along the Manly Scenic Walkway, which may be followed for a few kilometres all the way to Spit Bridge. The beach is impacted by both modest waves from the harbour and southerly winds. Even though surges of up to 2 metres were observed following Hurricane Larry, this beach is not suited for surfing due to its rocky shoreline and inconsistent break. [source: citation insufficient] The beach’s sand is formed primarily of shell grit, but the sand on the beaches on either side of it is largely devoid of shell grit. Additionally, there is a little tide pool on the shore.
The K-12 was a 611-ton former Royal Netherlands Navy (later United States Navy) submarine that was acquired by private owners after World War II and leased to the Port Jackson & Manly Steamship Company, which established her as a museum ship at a custom berth near to the Manly harbour pool. Currently, the K-12 is accessible to the public at the Manly harbour pool. In June 1949, when storms struck, the submarine’s owners attempted to tow her to a safer berth in Neutral Bay, but the tow ropes broke and the sub ran aground on the rocks of Fairlight Beach.

On January 7, 1951, the ship was lightened by salvagers and refloated. It was subsequently dragged up the Parramatta River to the Ryde Road bridge, when her seacocks were vandalised and she sank once more. According to some tales, scuba divers can access the engines and sections of the bow that are supposed to still be in Fairlight.

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