Cheapest way to get to Sydney Airport

Travellers always look for the cheapest travel choice while planning their travel itinerary. There are multiple transportation options for the public to travel to Sydney Airport without breaking the bank.

The Kingsford Smith Sydney International Airport in Sydney is located 8km south of Sydney in Mascot. Famed as Australia’s busiest and largest airport, The Kingsford Smith Airport is a main gateway for domestic and international travellers.

The location helps in convenient access to the city centre and is also a perfect transportation hub for tourists visiting Sydney. Hence, people look for the cheapest transportation means without paying a hefty amount to get to Sydney Airport.

Finding the Best Route

Use Public Transport

Public transportation is the cheapest means to get to Sydney Airport. Sydney offers a cost-effective and well-connected transportation network, including buses and trains, that helps in efficient travelling to the airport.
The airport link train is the cheapest solution, providing a direct route from the city centre to the international and domestic Sydney airport terminals. The airport authorities own the above direct train, so a premium fee is applied to the ticket charges.
If you’re a smart traveller trying not to break the bank, then taking the N20 or 420 bus to the next station called Mascot and boarding a train there is a great way. Such a strategy helps the traveller to save $14.30 per person. Opal card is essential for travellers to travel on public transport, which works like credit cards for public transport.

Compare Ride-Sharing Services

If you’re travelling as a group, family, or a couple, considering various transportation options to get to Sydney airport is significant. There are innumerable ride-share services; getting a detailed view of them is important for budget travellers.

Uber- Uber is a renowned ride-sharing service in Sydney. The cost of travelling to the airport varies depending on factors like distance, time of the day, and type of service booked. Uber X is usually cost-effective, charging AUD 35 to 45.

Ola- Ola is Sydney’s other familiar ride-sharing service, like Uber, that offers rides at competitive prices. The distance and type of vehicles chosen may be reflected in the rates.

DiDi: The best option to travel to Sydney airport cheaply is the DiDi. DiDi offers similar rates to Uber and Ola and also offers discounts and promotions, which are useful during peak hours.

Taxi Service: There are innumerable taxi services available in Sydney at affordable prices, readily available for airport transfers.

Consider Off-Peak Hours

If you don’t want to put a dent in your wallet and plan to travel economically, taking advantage of off-peak hours is the best choice. Off-peak hours have reduced traffic and also reduced the cost of travelling. Hence, travelling to Sydney Airport in the early afternoons, late mornings, and late evenings is better.
Suppose you opt for a ride-sharing service, public transport or other modes of transport. Off-peak hours not only save your expenses but also offer hassle-free travelling.

Cost-effective Travel Alternatives to get to Sydney Airport

Sydney Trains

By taxi and ride-share

Taxis and ride-shares are the best choices for group travellers and people with luggage, as they offer door-to-door service. Moreover, there are fixed fares to travel from the city centre to the airport.

If you’re hunting for taxis or ride shares Fast Maxi is one of the best and most affordable cab services that helps in affordable airport transfers.

What is the quickest mode of transport to get from Sydney to Sydney Airport?

The airport link train service is the fastest way to get from Sydney to Sydney Airport. The journey takes about 15 minutes through airport link trains from Sydney to Sydney Airport.

What is the distance between Sydney and Sydney Airport?

The distance between Sydney airport and Sydney city centre is about 8 to 10 km. The distance varies slightly depending on the particular location in the city.

Are direct buses available between Sydney and Sydney Airport?

Yes, there are direct buses between Sydney and Sydney Airport. The bus departs from Sydney and arrives at Sydney Airport Terminal 1. The bus services operate every day, hourly and take 25 minutes

Are direct trains available between Sydney and Sydney Airport?

Yes, there are direct trains that connect Sydney to Sydney Airport. The train departs from Wynyard Station and connects directly to Sydney International Airport. The train runs every day for every ten minutes. It takes about 25 minutes to reach the Sydney airport.

How do I travel from Sydney to Sydney Airport without a car?

Boarding a train is a perfect way to travel without a car from Sydney to Sydney Airport.


Finally, the cheapest way to get to Sydney airport, some planning and consideration is required. For the budget-friendly traveller looking for cost-effective transportation, off-peak hours bus and train services are a great choice.

Number of travellers, time and convenience are a few factors to be analysed before opting for any transportation means. Moreover, travellers must look at the discounts or promotions that help reduce expenses. Based on individual budgets, needs and time factors, the cheapest means of transport can be picked. The Fast Maxi cab in Sydney is a perfect taxi solution for airport transfers in pocket-friendly rates. Travellers can choose Fast Maxi as it’s the best option for budget travellers.