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Castlecrag is a neighbourhood on Sydney’s lower North Shore in the Australian state of New South Wales. It is located 8 kilometres north of Sydney’s central business district and is under the jurisdiction of the City of Willoughby for local government reasons.
Middle Harbour is located to the north, east, and south of Castlecrag, while Eastern Valley Way is located to the west of the area. Castlecrag is well-known for its historical importance. Willoughby, Middle Cove, and North Willoughby, all of which are adjacent to Castlecrag, all have the same postcode: 2068.
Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin, a husband and wife partnership, were responsible for the early designing of the Castlecrag neighbourhood. They called the neighbourhood after the Edinburgh Castle, a high crag of granite that overlooks Middle Harbour. The Griffins moved to Castlecrag in 1925 after becoming dissatisfied with the politics involved in putting their visions for Canberra, Australia’s capital city, into action.
It was standard practice in the Arts and Crafts Movement’s architecture, which was concerned with establishing “the human touch” as opposed to mass manufacturing, to create early homes in Castlecrag out of natural stone in order for them to blend in with the surrounding landscape. Many of Castlecrag’s early homes were built with natural stone. Other residences from this time period were built with bricks utilising Walter Burley Griffin’s unique Knitlock process. Castlecrag was recognised in the early twentieth century as an experiment in communal and community planning and living, as well as for its inhabitants’ liberal intellectual, Theosophical, Anthroposophical, and Natural history ideas. This experiment was carried out in Castlecrag. [source: missing citation] Willoughby City Council is currently redeveloping the Haven Amphitheatre. This project, which is currently underway, has been plagued by numerous delays and has become a source of contention. The installation of the new Haven Amphitheatre Stage is expected to significantly boost the location’s potential for usage as a live performance venue once more. Due to a lack of interest, the legendary Haven Christmas Carols have not been performed in recent years. The Haven Amphitheatre Committee, Willoughby City Council, The Castlecrag Progress Association, The Walter Burley Griffin Society, and Friends of the Haven are among the many interested parties involved in the development application acceptance and eventual rebuilding process.

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