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Castle Cove is an upscale enclave on Sydney’s lower North Shore, in the Australian state of New South Wales. Castle Cove is located in the City of Willoughby, 11 kilometres north of Sydney’s Central Business District.The name of the local government area is Willoughby. Castle Cove is a neighbourhood on the western side of Middle Harbour.
There is evidence that people from the Guringai nation’s Cammeraygal tribe lived in the area until the 1820s, and that they had been present in the northern parts of Sydney for around 5,800 years.
Castle Cove is supposed to have been named after Henry Hastings Willis, a prominent member of the New South Wales Parliament at the time.
Dr. H. G. Alleyne was the lucky beneficiary of the first grant purchase in 1858. By 1878, almost every accessible plot of land on the peninsula had been acquired. In 1886, the majority of the property was resold to Andrew Armstrong, who went on to form the Cammeray Estate Land Company, which eventually went bankrupt in 1893. In 1903 and 1904, the Willis family built “Innisfallen Castle,” a large residence in the shape of a castle. They had secured a default mortgage from Dr. Alleyne in order to purchase 21 hectares (52 acres) of land for light farming.
When the Hooker Corporation purchased a controlling position in Walter Burley Griffin’s company, The Greater Sydney Development Association, in 1958, it possessed the majority of Castlecrag, Middle Harbour, and Castle Cove. From 1956 through 1970, Headland Developments and Hooker-Rex Estates were in charge of building Castle Cove.
Around the year 1985, Henry Willis’ descendants attempted to subdivide the acreage surrounding the Castle in order to build many town residences and turn the Castle into a wedding reception centre. Because the property that was to be used for the town houses had previously been handed to the Castle’s owners by the government in order to beautify the grounds of the Castle, it was judged that profiting from this would be improper. As a result, the Willoughby Council chose not to grant the necessary rezoning to build the townhomes. The bid to conduct a company from the Castle was also refused. Following that, the castle’s owners sold the property at an on-site public auction for around $4 million.

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