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Bayview Taxi Maxi, Bayview is a suburb in the Northern Beaches region of Sydney, which is located in the Australian state of New South Wales. Australia is the geographic location of Bayview. It is situated 31 kilometres north of Sydney’s central business district and, for the purposes of local government, falls under the jurisdiction of the Northern Beaches Council.

Hilly Bayview is a suburb surrounded on all sides by neighbouring communities: Broken Bay to the north, Mona Vale to the east and south, and Church Point, Kuringai Chase, and Ingleside to the west.The Bayview neighbourhood received its name because it provides a “view” of the nearby body of water known as “Pittwater.” In March of 1788, Governor Arthur Phillip conducted a brief exploratory visit to this area from Manly. In honour of William Pitt, who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the time, he named it Pitt Water. In 1792, Captain John Hunter drew a map highlighting the numerous bays and inlets.

In 1821, Patrick Bryan, one of the earliest settlers in the region, built a house on the current site of Bayview Golf Links.
There are several tetrahedron tank traps on the opposite side of Pittwater Road from where the road meets the water in Bayview. Tank traps are a remnant of World War II that can be seen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, but few people are aware of its existence.
Bayview is predominantly residential and features a small amount of commercial space.
The largest yacht importer in Australia, the largest yacht share fleet, and the largest yacht charter fleet in Pittwater are all located in Bayview.
There are now two privately-owned floating marinas (Gibson Marina and Bayview Anchorage Marina). Attached to each of these marinas are yacht sales/rental businesses and NSW Maritime offices. There are a few restaurants and kiosks to select from on the marinas.Bayview Yacht Racing Association (BYRA), which is situated between the two marinas, is widely utilised by local schoolchildren as part of the renowned learn-to-sail programmes.

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