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The Baby Seat Taxi sydney is one of the safest options available to make traveling with your infant as easy and comfortable as possible. Since we first began offering a taxi service that included baby seats taxi sydney, we have transported millions of youngsters along with their parents. Our taxi service comes equipped with baby seats and is accessible across Sydney. Our forward-thinking concept in the field of baby taxis allows us to meet all of a family’s requirements regarding the ages of their children when it comes to the provision of a baby seat. We offer baby capsules for infants aged 0 to 6 months, baby seats and car seats for infants aged 6 months to 2 years, and baby booster seats for children older than 2 years.
When it comes to providing children with taxi services from our highly qualified drivers who have the utmost courtesy, we take extra precautions to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Because we are also parents, we are aware of all the duties that parents have to fulfil in order to ensure that their infants and children travel in a secure and pleasant environment.
We offer a diverse selection of fleets for baby seats, and our customers may choose the one that best suits their needs in terms of price, the number of passengers, and the amount of luggage they need to transport. There is the Standard Sedan, the SUVs and Wagons, and the Maxi Taxis. Every One of Our Taxi Cabs Features a Baby Seat, and We Serve the Entire Sydney Area.

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We would love for you to give Sydney Baby Taxi sydney a try and see for yourself how much of an improvement our service can make to every trip or excursion you do with your kids. We are well aware that your children are priceless gifts who ought to have nothing but the best. We put in a lot of effort to make sure that our taxi service in Sydney is the one that is the most dependable, safest, and most convenient for families with young children.
Each and every driver has through extensive training and has years of experience in the field, so you can rest certain that your infant or young kid will be comfortable and secure while riding in their booster seat, capsule, or car seat.
We are able to accommodate any combination of up to three car seats in your vehicle (booster, car seat or capsule).
Our drivers are hand-picked, and then they go through training with a licenced child restraint fitter. This ensures that all of our child seats are put in a proper manner, ensuring the safety of your child.
To take use of the baby seat taxi sydney that is available in our taxis, please make a reservation in advance on our website ( or give us a call at 0291725692

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Rose Bay Seaplanes and Bankstown Airport are just two of the many smaller airports in the Sydney area. The city is home to two major airports.
Nevertheless, the Domestic Airport and the International Airport in Sydney are the ones that see the highest passenger traffic on a daily basis. Although it is now commonly referred to as “Sydney Airport,” it was originally named “Kingsford Smith Airport” in honour of the aviator Charles Kingsford Smith. It is a quick drive into the Central Business District of Sydney from its location in Mascot.

The distance between the Domestic Terminals and the Central Business District of Sydney is around 13 kilometres, whereas the distance between the International Terminals and the CBD is roughly 18 kilometres.
Both sets of terminals are located close to the Central Business District of Sydney, making it simple to go to the majority of the city’s five-star hotels and other popular tourist destinations.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Sydney or if you’re just travelling from another country or another city in Australia; Fast Maxi Sydney Baby Taxis is here to make your journey more convenient. Make sure you book your Child Seat Taxi with us before you arrive at Sydney Airport.
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Baby Seat Taxi Options by Fast Maxi

Baby capsules, also known as infant carriers, are child safety seats designed to face the back of the vehicle and come equipped with a handle that makes them easy to transport. This enables you to remove your infant from their car seat without having to unbuckle them because you may carry them with you while they are still secured in their seat.

We offer you the option of forward-facing or rear-facing chairs with an integrated safety harness for children aged six to twelve months old. The seat can also be changed to face forward, however for the sake of the child’s safety, it is advised that the seat be kept facing the rear of the vehicle.

Babies older than 2 years old typically require the usage of booster infant seats. A child can use a booster seat to sit on top of the seat, which “lifts” them up to a level where the safety belts can lie across the child’s solid bones and pelvis, keeping them safe. Booster seats are typically found in vehicles.

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FAQ’s Maxi/Taxi Baby Seat Cab Sydney

Yes! Fast Maxi provides a taxi with a child seat on our customers request. According to Australian rules children below 12 months must travel in an approved child car seat in hired taxis.

There is nothing to worry if you are traveling with your young one in a taxi in Sydney. You can easily get a taxi/cab with child Seat with Fast Maxi by calling us or booking your baby seat taxi Sydney through our website.

Children under 1 year old must ride in the rear seat of taxis, but are not required to use a child safety seat. If there is no child restraint or booster seat available, children above the age of one must sit in their own seat with their own seat belt properly buckled.

Children under the age of 3 are permitted to travel without a child safety seat or seat belt in licenced taxis and minicabs, but only in the rear seats.

Minicabs and Taxis are exempt from providing a child seat for any trip. Children can sit in the back and use the seat belt. Under-3s don’t need a seatbelt. On your request Fast Maxi provides Car seats for children in Sydney.

When riding in a car, all children younger than 7 years old must utilize a properly installed and approved child safety seat. An example of a child restraint is a forward-facing or rear-facing child car seat (also known as a baby car seat or baby capsule) or a booster seat.

Yes! We absolutely do provide affordable and Secure rides for you and your children with baby seats in Maxi or Taxis.

Fast Maxi can get you a cab with a baby seat in Sydney. Search for your service on our website, contact the number, and order a child seat. Sydney cab with infant seat will arrive at your convenience.